Bands List

At first, the list of bands that I just happened to stumble upon and which caught my attention enough to want to look more into them someday was just a section of a text file that included various other odds and ends. Then it became its own separate file and a basically hidden page on my blog, the plan being to move it into its own section when I'll develop it more, or at least add links for at least the majority of the bands. But, in practice, that list is mainly of bands that I stumbled into at some point and then forgot about, since it's very rare that I actually do look into one of them again later, and developing that plain table into something more was also not happening, and the years kept passing, so I eventually decided to add it as it is.
What you'll find here is a plain table, listing the names and, to the best of my knowledge, countries of a large number of bands and artists that caught my attention for some reason, at some point. The third column specifies whether the band in question has been included in one of my New Finds posts, and if so you can click the "Yes" to go to that post, and you can also click the "Post" at the top of that column to see only the bands which have been included in such posts. The fourth column has the links to the band's pages on certain sites, though the link to the band's own site, if it exists, is found on the band's name. As for the last column, that holds some quick notes, most often mentioning the band's former name, if it was changed.

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